Science is not a Liberal Conspiracy

Ive been reading posts and websites by people who are in denial of AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) - that is global climate change precipitated by man. It seems that they forget that science is not a liberal conspiracy. Its analysis of data. Data that we have had for decades. I can remember this conversation when I was in school twenty years ago and everything from then has checked out.
The other thing that I do think is ridiculous is a reliance on uncorroborated sources. No hard data, no clear information. No thesis or peer review.

Science has a process. Its simple. If you beleive that a theory is false, you should be able to break said theory. You should be able to come up with an experiment that the theory can not explain. The test should be reproducible and verified by peers (people of expertise in the field). It should be able to withstand attack and criticism.
To my knowledge, no such evidence is forthcoming. This is the same as other theories that come under the same non-peer denunciation such as evolution and the age of the Earth.

Climate scientists have been looking a trends in CO2 and in Global temperature records and have found a remarkable correlation between the two. It could be argued that a correlation does not equal a causality, but the fact is that the correlation is so close (both rise and fall together) that it is very difficult to deny the trend. Not only that, there is no widely accepted theory that provides an alternative explanation for what we are witnessing.

Correlation between CO2 and Temperature

Watch out for further posts on this topic soon.