Newsflash: Liquid Water on Mars.

What We Knew

Scientists have for some time projected that water in liquid form had been abundant on Mars and through some environmental incident or over a course of time, that water has disappeared. A number of theories about why it went and what happened have been presented but Mars, the red planet, has been looked upon as more of a dessert.

It has also been known that there is a polar icecap on mars that contains some large quantities of frozen water. Rovers have also dug into the soil and evaporation of moisture has been recorded.

What we are finding out


The Curiosity Rover has already shed more light on the mystery of water, although it has not found any organic substances.

Without knowing too many details, it seems that there are periods during Mars' orbit of the sun that liquid water is prevalent on the surface of some areas of the planet.

What might this mean?

Im taking a long shot here, but it seems that out of our eight planets and few dozen moons in this solar system, at least two planets have been confirmed to have liquid water. Several of the moons are suspected to also have oceans under deep ice sheets. It seems that water, the elixir of life, is more prevalent in the universe than we had suspected.

Perhaps the odds of finding life have changed (for the better). Perhaps the odds of finding another world that would support life from this planet might also have improved. Perhaps life is closer than we think!